Command your destroyer and drop depth charges to blow up the submarines below
Beware the anti-ship mines
Watch out for enemy torpedoes!

This is a remake of a classic Commodore Amiga game from 1994, which itself was based on an old arcade game from 1977!


- Original graphics from the 1994 Amiga version
- Tilt Control (optional)
- Sound Mute option
- High score save
- Global Leaderboard
- Plays great on phone and tablet

Android app on Google Play


Barmy Biplane

This old biplane's engine isn't what it used to be so give it a tap to help it along!

Simple to play but tricky to master, you'll need excellent timing and tapping skills!

Make your way through the cavern avoiding the rusty pipes. How long can you survive?

Featuring global leader boards - compare your score and achievement unlocks with your friends and the rest of the world!

- Great on phone and tablet
- Smooth, responsive gameplay
- Stomach-churning dives
- No birds!
- Simple to play
- Addictive!
- High score tables
- Unlockable achievements

Android app on Google Play


CCAS (Collect Circles Avoid Squares)

Catch the circles, avoid the squares.

Simple and addictive.

Android app on Google Play

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